Automatic Catalogues for Office Supply wholesalers


Product drafts

The concept of product is pervasive in Aramis, from data entry to visualization and publishing.
A draft is automatically generated with Adobe InDesign to verify the result. It can be downloaded at any time in indd, pdf or jpeg format.
There is no restriction on how the layout should look like. Any type of aesthetics can be programmed into Aramis.

Image placement

Any kind of high resolution image file can be uploaded to Aramis. Product appearance can be fine-tuned by manually positioning the images.
The simple and intuitive graphical interface requires no technical expertise.


Product tables are automatically generated. White space is appropriately distributed in order to maximize readability. Sub-titles introduce groups of similar articles. Colored dots are inserted when applicable, e.g. consumables, pens, etc.


Statistics on usage of keywords and technical attributes are readily available to control the level of standardization. Changes can be massively applied: renaming or merging keywords, hiding or showing a column in all the tables of a given product set, etc.

Assisted layout

The generation of pages becomes trivial thanks to the dedicated graphical tool. The user simply reorganizes the product drafts in the desired order and the system takes care of the rest. InDesign documents are automatically generated according to the appropriate aesthetic guidelines, such as the gap among the products, the colors of the section, etc.

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